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About Us

Knowing that your electrical installation project has been done right gives you peace of mind. At APro Electrician Service Encino, we remain focused on delivering a successful electrical installation while assuring you of safety. We are a bonded, licensed and insured electrical services contractor serving Encino CA. No matter the project scale, we shall ensure a successful installation. We have several years of experience in delivering successful projects. Our electricians are trusted and provide high-quality installations in the greater Encino CA area.

The hardworking team APro continues to serve our esteemed clients with a goal of ensuring that every client receives 100% satisfaction. Specializing in both commercial and residential electrical services, we shall keep your electrical systems operational. From new installations, remodeling of electrical installation, troubleshooting and fixing electrical faulty, you will not find a better partner than APro Electrician Service Encino.

Our Services

For the years that we have been business, we continue delighting every customer through professional service delivery at pocket-friendly rates. Here are some of the electrical services offered by APro Electrician Service Encino.


If you own a very old property, there are high chances that you need rewiring services. Consider that for the houses built before 1950, the wires used are cloth insulated and the material wears out overtime. This leaves the building prone to electrical sparks, fires and electrical shocks as a result of the bare wires. APro Electrician Service offers professional rewiring services. Call us today for a free estimate on rewiring services. Rewiring involves pulling off all the old wires and running new insulated wires. Therefore, this is considered as an upgrade of the wires to ensure property safety guaranteeing you the safety of home occupants. In some instances, you might need to install grounding wires to ensure that your property is safe.

Installation of new circuits or new outlets

If you need installation of new circuits or outlets on your residential property, APro Electrician Service has got you covered. Every day, we use electrical outlets to power our electrical devices. This also includes lighting the house. through regular use, existing electrical circuits wear out. This necessity the installation of new outlets, with the need to ensure the safety of your device when connecting to power. Do not use a faulty circuit. It is always recommended that you install new outlets. Contact APro Electrician Service Encino for the installation of the new circuits. Team APro will ensure professional services when installing new outlets. In addition, we guarantee you that our trusted and experienced technicians shall deliver to your expectations. Call us today and enjoy the best services.

Installation and Repairs

APro Electrician Service Encino provides superior quality electrical installation and repairs. From the office to residential property, we shall ensure that we complete electrical installations within budget and on time. In addition, we advise our customers on the best electrical supplies for the new installation project. We provide quick residential and commercial installation to all our customers. Our electricians shall troubleshoot existing electrical installations and ensure the problem has been identified. In addition, we offer electrical repair services taking away the stress of a faulty installation. Contact APro Electrician Service Encino today for professional electrical installation and repair.

Emergency Services and Fast Response

APro Electrician Service Encino is a 24/7 electrical contractor in Encino Hills CA. We ensure a fast response to our customer’s request. Being a 24/7 electrical contractor, we are always open to provide a response to emergency cases. Therefore, no matter the time of day or night, we shall come to your premises and arrest the situation within a record time. We can resolve all electrical problems using our modern equipment. Our knowledgeable staff will be quick and efficient when responding to different emergencies


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